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Wax Rax For Vinyl Storage

Courtesy of DNAinfo/New  York
Courtesy of DNAinfo/New York

If you’r ever in New York (Brooklyn to be precise) and in the mood to display your albums in a way contrary to the famous brand that caused a panic recently, check out Wax Rax. These are gorgeous record carts made by avid collector and metal fabricator.  Pricey, true, but built to last, each is made to order.  And (so far the ones in the slide show ) these guys have wheels. Wheels are a nice thing to have when moving the precious collection about.  Take that,  Swedish cabinet fellows!

Jen Kilzer

Get Crazy: Trailers from Hell

Trailers from Hell is an excellent and informative YouTube series. Advertising is a complex game and sometimes a film and its trailer send different messages. In the fascinating clip above, the director of Get Crazy explains why he thinks the film became an underground rare gem.  He believes the trailer is part of a weak advertising campaign, one which the film almost did not survive. The masters for the film and the soundtrack are lost at the moment.

The ‘Bialystocking’ Alan Arkush mentions is a form of investment and tax dodging that’s performed by the character Max Bialystock in the film (and, later Broadway musical) The Producers. More money is put into a project than ever expected to be gained back. The producers can (if they don’t get caught) take the extra revenue collected to do with what they please. In these cases, many investors have contracts that guarantee payment only  if a film collects a certain amount at the box office.

Apparently, the producers of Get Crazy expected a film that did poorly would not to be investigated for tax purposes. They released the film, about a New Year’s celebration, in the  August of 1983 (see the poster in the clip below). It’s like a Christmas movie in July.  One has to agree, that the director has reason to suspect the producers wanted limited success.

Little did the producers realize (or probably even care) that Alan Arkush and company would create such a great product that stands the test of comedy time, more than 30 years later. The director of Rock and Roll High School hit music and comedy gold once again.The line up for Get Crazy not only included the Ramones, but Lou Reed, Marshall Crenshaw, Sparks (above), and Fear.  Actors Malcolm McDowell and Bill Henderson perform as a drugged out glam rocker and old school blues fellow, respectively. Here’s a clip of Fear with Lori Eastside & Nada that ‘s filled with energy (note:  NSFW language and drug themes).

 The Get Crazy soundtrack album one of many favorites at Turntabling. We discovered the film late night on cable as teens. It’s sad to know that the people involved may have been stiffed by the producers.

With luck, Get Crazy, the film  and soundtrack, will get restored and the TLC they deserve. Meanwhile, we do find promo copies of the 1983 LP, quite often.  In 2010, Joe Wallace  had his personal copy of the soundtrack signed by Reggie Wanker himself, Malcolm McDowell.  We’ll give you a heads up in the blog, if we find any copies to sell.

Jen Kilzer

Get Crazy Autographed Malcom McDowell

Barney Bubbles Artist and Director – A Celebration

Today, I decided to show off some artwork that I didn’t know was by the same person. That person was a fantastic artist who went by the name (most of the time) of Barney Bubbles. We’ll keep our eyes out for his artwork from now on. In record hunting, sometimes the music is not the only reason to love the vinyl. Sometimes, it’s a visual pursuit, too.

Armed Forces 12 inch abum cover_Barney Bubbles

This album, Armed Forces by Elvis Costello and The Attractions,is my earliest memory of Barney’s work. Thankfully, my relatives brought this great album home in early 1979. Little did I know, more artwork from this fellow would later turn up in my record collection as I looked for all the top British New Punk and some New Wave bands of  the early ’80s.

Damned Stretcher Case Baby_Sick of Being Sick  7 inch sleeve Stiff Records 1977 Jesus Of Cool (Discogs)
He was the artist behind much of the album art for Stiff Records. For a time, he lived in the Stiff Records offices, designing all types of promotional material for the company, album sleeves, record logos and promotional posters.

Do It Youself 12 inch LP various designs The Jesus of Cool Radar side 1 (Discogs)
There’s a lot of discovering left on my part. Unfortunately,though he was prolific, he tended not to identify all of his works with signatures. He was also a victim of mental illness which brought his life to an early end. Some say other artists had begun to steal his style, while others mentioned money problems and recent album cover rejections were the cause of the mood swing that led to his suicide.

Many of his famous album covers and posters are featured in the book Reasons To Be Cheerful: The Life and Work of Barney Bubbles for sale here.  Also, you can hear more of the people who knew the man, including relatives in this BBC Radio 4 Documentary, In Search of Barney Bubbles.

Hawkwind Star Rats Poster 1972 Barney BubblesBubbles designed the poster above for the band Hawkwind.  He built a strong relationship with the band during the ’70s as well as with Ian Dury and The Blockheads (Reasons to Be Cheerful is an Ian Dury and The Blockheads song). Bubbles designed their black and white ‘profile’ logo below.Barney Bubble Blockhead Logo

He also was a director in the early ’80s video scene. One of his best known videos is Ghost Town by the Specials. I decided to include this nice one he directed for Squeeze.

With luck, now that I know that a lot of those bizarre album covers that represented the bands so well were by one man, I’ll see more examples of his work out there. Maybe, someday,  I’ll have my own little collection to share with everybody in new blogs.
Jen Kilzer

Dimitri Tiomkin Guests On The Jack Benny Program

For fun, I thought I’d share this clip from the Golden Age of Television. Here the soundtrack composer of Town Without Pity and High Noon guests on an wacky episode of The Jack Benny Program. He can hardly keep himself from cracking, at first, but is quite funny by the end of the show. Benny’s composition and violin ‘skills’ show up often in his series to antagonize many guests.

I’m a big fan of Dimitri Tiomkin. I’ve been one since hearing David Bowie’s version of Wild is the Wind on Station To Station. One of most romantic songs of the budding New Wave movement was actually written the 1950s.

Town Without Pity is classic played in many films, including John Waters 1988 version of Hairspray (that soundtrack makes us shimmy).  I found out recently that the song is from a 1961 film by the same name. I was embarrassed not to know about this film years earlier. I caught it late night, a few years ago.  It’s not for the young ones, but there’s a lot of edge of your seat action.

I like comedy shows where famous people play themselves. The Jack Benny Program was know for playing with the sitcom structure. Tiomkin was certainly a unique choice of guest for a comedy sketch. He gives a great performance. The dog is gorgeous too.

Turntabling will keep an eye out for this composer’s soundtracks and keep you posted if any end up for sale.

Rio Bravo poster
Jen Kilzer