Turntabling Records Presents 13 Unusual Tracks FREE DOWNLOAD

If you weren’t able to make Flashback Weekend to score a copy of this ultra-limited edition Turntabling Records compilation CD, you’re in luck. It’s now available as a free MP3 download (13 individual tracks) for your listening pleasure.

All of these tracks may be distributed freely to music blogs, among friends, iPod players, etc. This compilation will be available in its entirety for a limited time only–several of these tracks will be taken down at a later date but many will remain available for the duration.

This compilation is made up of Turntabling Records projects and in a couple of instances, related material used with permission from our friends in these bands. ThisĀ  is a compliation best enjoyed in the dark. Download and savor the strangeness:


1. Paisely Babylon—Stone Garden

2. GOOP—Theme From Goop

3. Post-Mortem Telepathy—Nitrous Oxide

4. Paisely Babylon—Gold

5. Paisely Babylon—Retina

6. GOOP—Nuclear Xmas

7. PMT—The Forbidden Mashup

8. Paisely Babylon—Grainy Archival Footage

9. Paisley Babylon—Let’s Make Love (Before the Zombies Come)

10. Paisley Babylon—Moonbase Phaze One

11. Post-Mortem Telepathy—50s Horror Sound/The Dead Parade

12. Opinion8—Frank, I Want My Cadavers

13. Opinion8—Singles Night

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