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Awesome Italian Soundtrack Vinyl: Morricone, Riz Ortolani, Goblin, Bruno Nicolai

Eyeball italian horror soundtrack vinyl

It really doesn’t get any more awesome, album cover-wise, than the Bruno Nicolai soundtrack for Eyeball. Turntabling has copies of this one for sale while supplies last, but that’s not all from Italy. Have you heard the Torso soundtrack by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis? Another great album cover, too.

Sergio Martino Torso soundtrack vinyl

Ennio Morricone titles have been coming out fast and furious lately, and the album artwork for those is just as excellent as the sounds themselves. Some people are buying these reissues just for the covers, and who can blame them? Morricone’s soundtrack for The Humanoid, for example:

Morricone Humanoid

And let’s not forget what Goblin brings to the table-those synth textures blended with a prog mentality equals some seriously unique soundtrack vinyl sounds. The Buio Omega soundtrack is an all-time favorite around here:

Goblin Buio Omega Vinyl Soundtrack RecordAnd Riz Ortolani did work on Lucio Fulci’s Don’t Torture A Duckling. Can you afford to live without this one? Any fan of giallo films or Fulci in general would do well to at least give this one it’s day in court.

Riz Ortolani Don't Torture A Duckling vinyl soundtrack

All these and MUCH MORE are available for sale, while supplies last, in the Turntabling shop.

Goblin Buio Omega Soundtrack

The soundtrack to Joe D’Amato’s Buio Omega is a pretty awesome proggy bass-n-synth fest that really doesn’t let you in on what you’re going to see when this Italian slash-splat masterpiece gets going.

It’s got everything a transgressive Italian horror movie should have–a bit of wanton slicing, some embalming, some necrophilia…and then there’s the score by Goblin, which really shows off another side of the band that you don’t really get to fully appreciate with Suspiria or Dawn of the Dead.

Buio Omega can be a rough watch–it’s a grossout contest once the embalming sequences start, and the corpse disposal scene is pretty stomach-churning. But the soundtrack for this must not be missed.

Check out a full ten minutes of the Goblin soundtrack for Buio Omega courtesy of Youtube (while it lasts, you never know when they’re going to take it down, those YouTube folks) and don’t miss the trailer below, either.

By the way, the Goblin soundtrack for Buio Omega is one of the titles for sale in the Turntabling shop.

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