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Goblin Buio Omega Soundtrack

The soundtrack to Joe D’Amato’s Buio Omega is a pretty awesome proggy bass-n-synth fest that really doesn’t let you in on what you’re going to see when this Italian slash-splat masterpiece gets going.

It’s got everything a transgressive Italian horror movie should have–a bit of wanton slicing, some embalming, some necrophilia…and then there’s the score by Goblin, which really shows off another side of the band that you don’t really get to fully appreciate with Suspiria or Dawn of the Dead.

Buio Omega can be a rough watch–it’s a grossout contest once the embalming sequences start, and the corpse disposal scene is pretty stomach-churning. But the soundtrack for this must not be missed.

Check out a full ten minutes of the Goblin soundtrack for Buio Omega courtesy of Youtube (while it lasts, you never know when they’re going to take it down, those YouTube folks) and don’t miss the trailer below, either.

By the way, the Goblin soundtrack for Buio Omega is one of the titles for sale in the Turntabling shop.

Girl On A Motorcycle And Modesty Blaise

Turntabling has a copy of the vinyl LP the soundtrack for Girl on a Motorcycle for sale. It is first come, first served.

This film is about a woman, a man, the countryside, and a leather suit with a unique zipper. The music is sultry and romantic at times and reflect the freedom of the road at other times. How could this movie do wrong?

Turntabling also has a copy of the vinyl LP of the soundtrack to Modesty Blaise for sale.  The soundtrack globe hops like the main character and has some exciting melodies. It’s the clear vinyl remastered limited edition version that we have –first come, first served.

Both movies have dream casts, great directors (Jack Cardiff for Girl on a Motorcycle and Joseph Losey for Modesty Blaise) and stunning locations.  Unfortunately for me, that wasn’t enough.

As full movies, I find them impossible to tolerate more that once (That first time-what a chore!). The characters in each were nice to look at (check out the casts in the trailers above , they’re all superstars of the ’60s), but the dialogue came across as stilted.

Maybe there was some behind the scenes problems for those in front of the camera. I’ve seen most of the actors do fine jobs in other films (Marianne Faithful, I’ve only seen as  God on AbFab). For both films I’d rather turn the sound down and enjoy each with the soundtracks on the turntable.

What went wrong with these two films? Perhaps it was the pacing and the passage of time. Perhaps their story lines are dated to my internal story preferences. Thankfully, the soundtracks are fantastic and I heard those first.

Jen Kilzer

Modesty Blaise vinyl LP for sale Girl on A Motorcycle for Sale

Quentin Tarantino Death Proof Soundtrack LP SOLD OUT

Quentin Tarantino Death Proof vinyl album

Death Proof is a grab-bag of musical styles, all of them great. From Chick Habit by An April March to Jack Nitzche’s Last Race, (with a little Morricone thrown in for good measure), the soundtrack album for Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof is a great time from start to finish. Hell, even Pino Donaggio gets a look in with Sally and Jack.

Regardess of whether you’re into the shorter Grindhouse version of Death Proof, or the extended feature-length release, if you’re a fan of the movie, you need to own this record on vinyl the way God intended it. Sure, you could just get the compact disc, or re-watch the flick (guilty of an excessive number of re-viewings on the Turntabling screen) but the vinyl experience for this particular slab of vinyl is outstanding. A true classic.

Yes, you’re reading the rant of a Death Proof fanboy–fully aware of the movie’s shortcomings and not caring one little bit. The album is fabulous and there’s no denying it.

UPDATE —SORRY, DEATH PROOF IS SOLD OUT! It is quite rare these days….

Tenebre Soundtrack Vinyl…The Last of the Last?

Goblin Tenebre LP vinyl albumIt’s been fun, but it looks like the fun is about to end. We have it on good authority that the much-beloved Tenebre vinyl LP released by Dagored is finally going out of print. Once they are gone from your local record stores, they are gone unless somebody in Italy changes their mind and decides to run up some more of these.

What does this mean for us, the rabid record collectors, Goblin junkies, soundtrack lovers everywhere? Unfortunately, in the same vein as the much sought-after release of The Beyond soundtrack, prices on any remaining copies of Tenebre on vinyl released by Dagored will probably go through the roof.

The Beyond OST soundtrack CD by Fabio Frizzi already sells for $199 US for a new, sealed copy. That is utter MADNESS, don’t you think? Used copies of the CD sell for about $50. Will this also happen to the much beloved Tenebre soundtrack? Probably.

Turntabling itself has sold out of the Dagored vinyl release of Tenebre–it flew off our table at the HorrorHound Weekend show in Indianapolis, so alas there will be no profiteering from us thanks to the lack of Tenebre vinyl…however we are always looking for more copies and rest assured, if we find them we will put them up for sale here–without the $100 price tag, thank you very much!
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