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Goblin Buio Omega Soundtrack

The soundtrack to Joe D’Amato’s Buio Omega is a pretty awesome proggy bass-n-synth fest that really doesn’t let you in on what you’re going to see when this Italian slash-splat masterpiece gets going.

It’s got everything a transgressive Italian horror movie should have–a bit of wanton slicing, some embalming, some necrophilia…and then there’s the score by Goblin, which really shows off another side of the band that you don’t really get to fully appreciate with Suspiria or Dawn of the Dead.

Buio Omega can be a rough watch–it’s a grossout contest once the embalming sequences start, and the corpse disposal scene is pretty stomach-churning. But the soundtrack for this must not be missed.

Check out a full ten minutes of the Goblin soundtrack for Buio Omega courtesy of Youtube (while it lasts, you never know when they’re going to take it down, those YouTube folks) and don’t miss the trailer below, either.

By the way, the Goblin soundtrack for Buio Omega is one of the titles for sale in the Turntabling shop.

Goblin Buio Omega Soundtrack


Goblin soundtracks on vinyl–especially those on Cinevox–are going for ridiculous collector prices. One is priced at over $70.00! That much of a vinyl purist I am NOT. I prefer to download these instead and look for the vinyl versions used. This soundtrack album for the film Buio Omega is pretty sweet, sounds I’ve been searching for but never managed to find at an acceptable price–at least on vinyl.

It’s got PLENTY of 80s Italian horror soundtrack cheese–alternately moody and goofy. Goblin was in heavy synth mode here–there’s none of the industrial clang-and-shriek of Suspiria, and the dancefloor groove of Tenebrae is also missing…but there’s no denying the synth-cheese on this…it’s pretty tasty. Goblin is in fine, if restrained, form here.

The movie itself is twisted, lurid and just plain wrong. It’s got a nightmare quality that elevates it above the average twisted 80s shockers, but there are some genuinely stomach-churningly grotty scenes in this one...purchase Goblin’s soundtrack instead and get the cheese sans the necrophile imagery…