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Mort Garson Black Mass Lucifer

The Wonderfully Surreal Vinyl Of Mort Garson

Mort Garson Black Mass Lucifer
The wonderfully surreal world of Mort Garson includes a nice assortment of unusual vinyl records, many of which are fairly analog-synth heavy and all of which are fun to listen to. Taking a vacation to Garson-land, in terms of diving into his back catalog, is a joy more record lovers should try.

Garson covered a lot of ground in his career as a multi-talented composer, conductor, arranger, performer, etc. before he died in 2008 and his legacy is pretty damn enviable for fans of unusual vinyl records-“love sounds” music, occult-themed modular synth freakouts, and yes, music for sensuous lovers, and for plants (see below).

Mort Garson The Zodia Cosmic Sounds vinyl record

We don’t need to go into the entire Mort Garson bio, since the super-fantastic Space Age Pop has already done an extensive biography and Turntabling highly recommends this site for all your Space Age Bachelor Pad music detail needs (and more). But suffice it to say that Garson, a military veteran and among the early adopters of Robert Moog’s synthesizers, is a force to be reckoned with if you’re a hardcore vinyl lover with a penchant for Moog sounds (and Turntabling is ALL ABOUT that).

Have a listen to these amazing Mort Garson sounds while they last on Youtube-they are well worth seeking out! Especially the adults-only Music For Sensuous Lovers, which is Garson’s contribution to the Adults-Only vinyl craze of yesteryear. These links might not stay up forever, hear ’em while you can!

The Zodiac Cosmic Sounds

The Love Strings Of Mort Garson

Music For Sensuous Lovers

Plantasia by Mort Garson

Nashville Record Stores: The Groove

For our newest readers–Vinyl Road Rage is our annual cross-country road trip to find great indie record shops, strange & rare vinyl, and all the odd experiences you have on a prolonged drive. In December 2011 Vinyl Road Rage went from Chicago to San Antonio Texas, and these posts are the record store reviews of all the places found along the way.

Nashville, Tennessee record stores are not scarce by any means, and the city should be considered a vinyl collector destination city. One of the highlights of our Nashville visit was the smaller, scrappy independent record store, The Groove.

Situated in a converted house in/near what an outsider might rightly call the bohemian district of Nashville, The Groove was fun to shop, friendly, and apparently getting ready to expand with a new stage planned. There’s nothing like a good in-store, and it’s easy to see how this record store would be even more fun to shop by bringing the bands in.

There’s a sizable jazz collection and plenty of oddities and obscurities. One of the best finds of the trip came courtesy of The Groove; the Black Mass album by Lucifer. It was a real thrill to score that one, so The Groove definitely took a big step higher in the Turntabling book for supplying such an exciting find.

During the visit to The Groove, something became apparent–a seemingly unifying thread between several really amazing record stores found in various places all over America.

At present it seems that some of the best record shops, the most friendly and fun stores are those found in converted houses. You couldn’t say that the ONLY great record stores are in former homes, but most of the shops IN houses seem to have more care lavished on them, more attention given to the atmosphere and the organization; this would be apparent again and again during the trip.

The Groove is obviously one of these and the homey environment you find yourself crate digging in is great. And of course, the unusual vinyl finds (lumped in with all the other great records by groups you already know and love) are a huge part of that.


The Groove is definitely on the Turntabling must-revisit list for next time, it’s fairly easy to find and chances are good it will be your first stop on the way into town if you’re also looking for Third Man Records or the Lawrence Record Shop on Broadway. Out-of-towners, be sure to check their website for info as The Groove frequently does listening parties, giveaways and other in-store events. You might just find something awesome happening around the same time as your visit.

–Joe Wallace

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Crazy Vinyl Finds in Nashville and Memphis

My Vinyl Road Rage finds in Nashville and Memphis were pretty impressive. I have to say, The Groove in Nashville, plus Memphis vinyl shops Goner Records and Shangri La Records are all three quite stellar and worth a trip out of town to see.

I was so pleased with my finds that I had to vblog about a few of them. What do you get when you combine Jimmy Swaggart, the band Lucifer, and silent movie soundtracks? Answers below.