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Now For Sale From Turntabling

Vinyl the living dead at manchester morgue soundtrack album

There is a LOT of vinyl goodness on sale at the Turntabling Discogs shop.

We’ve made some great finds recently and there are plenty of rare and hard to find LPs there including the Death Waltz edition of the Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue soundtrack, which is fantastic all on its own, but comes beautifully packaged from Death Waltz complete with a poster and that excellent cover art.

Five dolls for an August Moon sountrack AMS Cinevox

We were also lucky enough to get our hands on a vinyl copy of the Five Dolls For An August Moon sountrack–Piero Umilliani scoring for Mario Bava? That is a combination that just cannot go wrong. This one is a must-have for any fan of Bava, or the soundtrack sounds from that era of Italian cinema. Fabulous.

And then thEraserhead Sacred Bones Double LP reissueere’s the Eraserhead soundtrack, a double LP reissue that is increasingly hard to find. Where to start? David Lynch creates an experience like no other both in the film AND on the soundtrack record, which really does stand all on its own with or without the film. How on earth could a soundtrack fan or a Lynch afficianado be without this? The version we’re selling is the amazing reissue on Sacred Bones which has a TON of extras. Buy this before I change my mind about selling it!Day of the Dead Soundtrack Romero

The George Romero film Day Of The Dead now has a couple of editions out when it comes to soundtrack albums, and we’ve got both in the shop–this one and the Waxworks edition (while supplies last). This is a sealed edition of the original issue John Harrison soundtrack and features that 80s artwork we all know and love. The dead walk!

These soundtrack albums are available via the Turntabling Discogs shop and are for sale while supplies last only. First come, first served!

Turntabling: Selling Records Again in 2013

It’s been a while! The site has been dormant for some time because of a variety of things happening behind the scenes, but Turntabling is coming back in 2013 to sell rare, weird, obscure, fun and innovative music on vinyl and CD once more. The site is going to be getting a bit of a facelift, I’m getting very active on Twitter, Instagram and elsewhere, and basically Turntabling is coming out of the woodwork in the new year to do what we do best–live the vinyl lifestyle and blog about it here.

Keep watching this space, we’re live and active again as of now.

The Turntabling Podcast


(Click the image to play or see the link below)

The very first Turntabling Podcast is now up and running for your listening enjoyment. First episodes of ANYTHING are painful, rough, cheesy and difficult to be enthusiastic about once the next and much-better-sounding editions go up, but for now this maiden voyage of the Turntabling Podcast will have to do.

The idea behind this show is not so much to do music CRITICISM, but something more along the lines of vinyl ARCHAEOLOGY. Consider this a voyage into the dark, scary underbrush of vinyl. Where the monsters live, at least according to local superstition.

In this first episode, Turntabling discusses born again christian new-wave music by Steve Taylor, an Australian experimental album called Tape Projects 06, the frightening and funny Hilarity And Despair: American Answering Machine Tapes Volume One, plus a listen to choice bits off the Irritainment album by Guyana Punch Line. Sore throat music isn’t for EVERYONE, but some people like it.

Listen to the first-ever Turntabling Podcast, and remember that just like Dan Savage would say…it gets better. Episode Two should be FAR more entertaining, but don’t let my saying that deter you from hearing these weird vinyl cuts…they’re worth it.

–Joe Wallace