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DJ Paisley Babylon: Spacesuit Sounds Vol. 1 Download


Our newest feature is a delicious list of sonic ingredients blended into a heady cocktail by DJ Paisley Babylon. Switch on the lava lamps, fire up the hookah, and enjoy this exclusive apertif made of equal parts Morricone, Stereolab, Riz Ortolani, Pizzicato Five, and Dust Brothers, with a dash of Japanese funk, groovy German horns, and two splashes of superfly soul. This DJ mix of mod, retro, lounge, funk and funky electronica is the first in a series brought to you from the velvet-lined walls of the Turntabling.net studio. Take a trip beyond Earth’s orbit with Spacesuit Sounds.

–Enjoy DJ Paisley Babylon’s latest concoction: Spacesuit Sounds Vol. 1

This program was recorded live in Chicago and is presented here for promotion of the artists/venues/DJs. Please get in touch if you wish your tracks removed. All files available for a limited time only

Stereolab: Chemical Chords

I have no idea how this one passed me by in June, but the new vinyl by Stereolab, Chemical Chords is being hailed as one of their best. The album, MP3 download or CD, your choice. I’m always a bit skeptical of some new music that is recorded digitally then put on vinyl, but Stereolab has always had great analog textures to their music. Much like Chris Joss–a musician who uses recording techniques firmly rooted in the 21st century but still has a dedication to audio fidelity and actual honest-to-god instruments–Stereolab is always going to sound warm, interesting and perfectly suited for vinyl. I don’t have this one as I’ve just now been hipped to it, but it’s being added to the collection with haste.