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Herbie Hancock to Lecture at Harvard University

Herbie Hancock gets a standing ovation at the Grammy Awards for the performance of Rockit.

Today, the news reports Mr. Hancock is named the 2014 Charles Eliot Norton Professor of Poetry.  Also, he will be presenting six lectures in February and March at the Sanders Theatre  on Harvard University’s campus in Cambridge Massachusetts . These lectures are open to the public (with tickets) and are a recommended as not to missed by our staff. Here are the details, dates and times.

As one of Turntabling’s most treasured artists, Herbie Hancock’s works across five decades are standards in our vinyl collection and dance floor.

In 1966 he composed the Swinging London soundtrack of Blow-Up. Blow-Up is one of the films that brought our staff to soundtrack appreciation in the first place.

We’re delighted  to send our congratulations to an artist who we feel is more than worthy of all the awards and praise he’s collected so far. We’re also a little sad. Turntabling staff can’t run to attend these, sure to be amazing, lecture events with a great man.

Jen Kilzer




Herbie Hancock Blow-Up Soundtrack LP

Blow Up Soundtrack LP vinyl Herbie Hancock

This is the 4 Men With Beards re-issue of an all-time classic. Blow Up features Herbie Hancock in the high point of one of his most creative and inventive periods, long before he ever touched a synthesizer–it’s great stuff. And the Yardbirds work on here is worth the price alone.

All in all, this is an excellent sonic portrait of Swinging London, and anybody who’s a fan of the Easy Tempo series deserves to pick up a copy of this for themselves. You’ll find people trying to collect upwards of $90 for a Blow Up soundtrack, but this much more reasonably priced edition seems to be getting scarce. Continue reading Herbie Hancock Blow-Up Soundtrack LP

The Yardbirds in Blow Up


Blow Up is one of my all-time favorites from the 60s. Shot during the heyday of Swinging London, this movie features a soundtrack by Herbie Hancock (listed in the credits as “Herbert Hancock”, heh) and an appearance by Jimmy Page and company as The Yardbirds. The crowd is completely motionless for the duration of the performance, til you get to the best part of this great clip—some apeshit guitar smashing.

Blow Up is one of the best movies of the mid 60s, and the soundtrack is amazing. Check out the discontinued 180 gram vinyl edition of this while you can, it’s going fast.

I also highly recommend the Herbie Hancock Blow Up Extra Sessions CD, if you can find it…