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Back In Stock: Morricone and Bruno Nicolai Gialli Soundtracks

What Have You Done To Solange soundtrack

Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack for Cosa Avete Fatto A Solange? (What Have You Done To Solange?) is, for obsessive Morricone lovers at the very least, a MUST-HAVE. The lurid album cover art, the salacious set pieces, and the dreamy vocalizations of Edda dell’Orso make this one of the all-time greats of the era. Have a good look (and listen) to the trailer and you might just catch yourself wondering why you never checked this one out before. If you already know, imagine how it great it would be to hear this for the first time all over again.Solange vinyl record soundtrack morricone

Buy the vinyl soundtrack for Cosa Avete Fatto A Solange? (What Have You Done To Solange?) from Turntabling while supplies last! It’s a limited edition re-issue on clear red vinyl.

(We include these trailers because, let’s face it, trailers are awesome…but sadly some get removed after a time and while we have no control over THAT, we do like to bring them as long as they are available. If you experience a broken trailer link here, apologies…but blame YouTube!)

Jess Franco did a wonderful thing by bringing on Morricone conductor (and soundtrack legend in his own right) Bruno Nicolai on board for his film referencing de Sade…this one is also back in stock and features the super-groovy Drug Party track worth the price of the LP all by itself.
Jess Franco soundtrack vinyl record De Sade

This vinyl LP of the Marquis de Sade’s soundtrack by Bruno Nicolai is for sale in the Turntabling shop while supplies last. This is the Finder’s Keepers reissue from 2013 and is getting more hard to find all the time.

You can also view the entire collection of vinyl for sale from Turntabling.

Bruno Nicolai Marquis De Sade Vinyl LP

Bruno Nicolai and Jess Franco? Yes indeed! De Sade was seemingly a favorite topic of Franco’s, he kept coming back to the famous old pervert again and again, if not directly, certainly in the concepts and themes of those naughty old stories. Bondage, S&M, blood, you name it…Franco and De Sade go together like coffee and cream.

The soundtrack for this film is just what you’d expect from Nicolai, who composed and conducted with Morricone, which is likely why you hear some textures and techniques in common with good ol’ Ennio’s work.

Turntabling has a copy for sale of this delicious vinyl pairing of two Maestros working together back in 1969…this is the Finders Keepers edition with the purple cover. If you love the sexy sounds of Jess Franco movies and have a thing for classic Italian soundtrack composers like Bruno Nicolai, have a listen to this record…(sample below) and you’ll wonder why you haven’t added this to your collection yet.

Bruno Nicolai Marquis De Sade 70 vinylYou can buy this vinyl edition of Marquis De Sade from the Turntabling Discogs shop while supplies last. Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good! Check out the track from this LP below, “Drug Party”, which is pretty awesome.

–Joe Wallace

I’m In a Jess Franco State of Mind

I'm In a Jesse Franco State Of Mind

Blog discovery of the year? It may be a bit premature to say this in APRIL, but it’s hard to argue with I’m In A Jess Franco State of Mind–a blog that’s been discussing Franco since 2006. Franco’s movies aren’t for the faint of heart–most either instantly love Jess Franco or hate him completely. Turntabling is in the first category–Franco is one of the all time greats in one sense or another. He’s a frickin’ genius even if he doesn’t mean it.

From his greatest serious works (Venus in Furs, the Diabolical Doctor Z) to the masterpieces of hysteria and excessive zoom-lens abuse that are Virgin Among the Living Dead and Vampyros Lesbos, Franco is something wholly other–a filmmaker who plays by his own rules and creates freakish worlds populated by perverts, drooling halfwits, innocent victims turned predatory vampires, and halpless cuckold significant others who just don’t get that their old bed buddy has started batting for the other team…which in this case is the living dead.

I’m In A Jess Franco State of Mind has so much wonderfulness for a Franco fan to explore that you won’t know where to begin. Start from the newest posts and just work your way backwards, it’s better that way. That any blog has survived since 2006 is quite impressive, that a blog specifically about Jess Franco has been going so long is nothing short of brilliant. This is our new favorite blog and we don’t mind raving about it.