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The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue Vinyl LP

A driving, psychedelic piece introduces the soundtrack for The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue.  The lively first track of this album (John Dalton Street) is named after a street in Manchester. Building over the film’s opening montage of motorcycling out of London to the title’s location, this piece seems more like a backing for a caper flick.

Only when the second cut (Surreal) hits the needle, does one realize something is wrong with the vibrant life of the first track. The tone becomes uneasy. Low groans and whimpers seep into album.  Echoes and laughter bring chills to spine.  When the John Dalton Street orchestration returns, the sinister has taken over. What has happened?

Murders happen in this movie. The police suspect a couple of outsiders, with devil worship as their motive.  The actual culprits includes the unborn, the recently deceased, and the government’s latest idea for pest control.

As an individual experience, this soundtrack is amazing.  Death Waltz Records released a Vinyl LP of The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue that any fan of the movies and soundtracks should seek out. Composer Giuliano Sorgini, horror expert Steve Thrower, and cover artist Luke Insect provide the liner notes.

Turntabling has a copy of The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue Vinyl LP for sale on Discogs.com.  — first come, first served.

The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue Vinyl LP For Sale


Escape From New York Vinyl LP Soundtrack

Escape From New York vinly LP OST

Now for sale at Turntabling: The Dagored release of John Carpenter’s Escape From New York. This is a gorgeous vinyl version of the OST written by John Carpenter, featuring some great unreleased tracks.

Carpenter scored many of his own films including Halloween, but this electronic beauty is 80s synth-heavy and has some nice ambient touches. The only complaint I have with this soundtrack is that Carpenter didn’t include Isaac Hayes (who played the heavy) into any of the main soundtrack elements–can you imagine what kind of funk Hayes would have brought to this?

This release came out in 2001, remastered and expanded from the original 80s version, and how about that cover art? It gets better–the gatefold cover is in the usual Dagored style, so if you’re a fan of these releases you shouldn’t be disappointed here.

Some sites are flogging this for $30. You can buy this sealed, new copy of the 2001 Dagored re-issue of the Escape From New York soundtrack here for $23 plus shipping. Don’t miss the trailer below–if you’re undecided about getting this, check out the fat analog synths on the trailer and just TRY to resist. They truly do not make trailers like this any more…unless your name is Quentin Tarantino.

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