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The Story of Star Wars Vinyl Picture Disc LP

(Via Retronaut.com)
(Via Retronaut.com)

The Star Wars movie (and, of course, soundtrack) knocked our socks off.  It took the audience to a different galaxy. Most of us want to go back, again and again.  Play the soundtrack when you want a favorite that will bring a smile to generations of people in a room.

We are pleased to see the recent release of behind the scenes photos of the first three films. These snaps were collected and brought to light by actor Peter Mayhew . They show the cast an crew having a wild time on the sets of the future classics.  They also reveal some inventive tricks that the film makers used to amaze us in the theaters.

(Via Retronaut.com)
(Via Retronaut.com)

Turntabling loves a great collection of photos and memories.  With luck Mr. Mayhew, other actors and crew involved have more fantastic nostalgia to share about their times on these iconic films.

Turntabling  often finds some great vinyl related to Star Wars. One of our favorites for sale includes the 1977 picture disc below. It includes the words and music from the movie and a menacing picture of Darth Vader for side two.  It is first come, first served. If you’re interested, please check out our Discogs store.

For sale via Discogs - First come, first served.
For sale via Discogs – First come, first served.

Hornets’ Nest Original Soundtrack CD

Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack to the World War II thriller Hornets’ Nest is available on CD in a limited edition pressing. I haven’t seen the film, but I can tell you that the soundtrack is amazing. It is Morricone in top form. It’s a grand soundtrack for what became a rare movie.

From what I gathered online, the 1970 film is about an American commander stuck behind German lines, after being the sole survivor of an ambush. Captain Turner, has no choice but to rely on a group of village orphans for survival. Together, they plot to complete the unit’s original mission to destroy a critical dam. Meanwhile, the Germans begin suspecting that there may be an American in the forest who survived the attack. Yet, they ignore the orphans whom they created.

Turntabling has a copy of Hornets’ Nest original soundtrack CD 2010 remaster for sale at our Discogs shop. It is first come, first served.

Hornets' Nest CD for sale

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The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue Vinyl LP

A driving, psychedelic piece introduces the soundtrack for The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue.  The lively first track of this album (John Dalton Street) is named after a street in Manchester. Building over the film’s opening montage of motorcycling out of London to the title’s location, this piece seems more like a backing for a caper flick.

Only when the second cut (Surreal) hits the needle, does one realize something is wrong with the vibrant life of the first track. The tone becomes uneasy. Low groans and whimpers seep into album.  Echoes and laughter bring chills to spine.  When the John Dalton Street orchestration returns, the sinister has taken over. What has happened?

Murders happen in this movie. The police suspect a couple of outsiders, with devil worship as their motive.  The actual culprits includes the unborn, the recently deceased, and the government’s latest idea for pest control.

As an individual experience, this soundtrack is amazing.  Death Waltz Records released a Vinyl LP of The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue that any fan of the movies and soundtracks should seek out. Composer Giuliano Sorgini, horror expert Steve Thrower, and cover artist Luke Insect provide the liner notes.

Turntabling has a copy of The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue Vinyl LP for sale on Discogs.com.  — first come, first served.

The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue Vinyl LP For Sale


Deep Red Drive-In Trailer and Sountrack

Dario Argento filmed Deep Red (original title: Profundo Russo) back in the mid-70s. Goblin did the soundtrack which alternates between truly excellent and totally goofy. I like both extremes of this, for better or worse. I’m a fan of this, but can’t seem to locate it on vinyl for a reasonable price. In the end I opted for picking up the Japanese import CD because I want my goofy Italian cheese (and the good tracks, too) in superior quality.

The trailer below seems to be custom made for the 70s drive-in circuit. Check out the great cornball voiceover and the lurid editing! Nice. For those who didn’t get to see great stuff like this first-run at a run down drive-in theater, it’s ALMOST a substitute. Why don’t they make trailers this entertainingly low-rent anymore? The movie iteself is a lot of fun, and it’s great to see a post-Blow Up David Hemmings creeping around trying to figure out who the killer is.