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Turntabling Vinyl For Sale

House By The Cemetery Fulci red vinyl for saleYes, Turntabling is back and we’re getting started listing inventory–tons of rare, weird, and wonderful vinyl records and compact discs. We’re getting a slow start, but with these four titles we officially return to the vinyl marketplace–scouring the earth for the most interesting, bizarre and hard-to-find LPs on the planet including this awesome House By The Cemetery LP on Death Waltz.

We’ve also got a copy of Mondo Candido by Riz Ortolani for sale on vinyl (yes, it’s the Dagored edition), still sealed in all its glory.

Riz Ortolani Mondo Candido Dagored LPAlso now available, Volume Four of the Spaghetti Western compilation, The Ecstasy Of Gold, still sealed, plus the uber-sexy Mood Mosaic compilation Book A Trip vinyl record, also still sealed.

Book A Trip The Mood Mosaic vinyl LP sexy LP coverYes, Turntabling is DEFINITELY back. Look for more updates coming–there is a LOT of new stock to come including the Creepshow soundtrack LP, Last House on the Left soundtrack vinyl, more more and more…

Joe Wallace

Join Turntabling at Terror In the Aisles 4: Undead By Dawn

Friday May 21st at 7PM, Turntabling will have a table full of obscure and rare goodies at the zombie film festival TERROR IN THE AISLES 4: UNDEAD BY DAWN at Chicago’s legendary Portage Theatre.

Don’t miss this one, as it features a midnight screening of Lucio Fulci’s ZOMBIE, a Turntabling favorite. Complete details below–join us for all the fun and bring your vinyl LP carrying bag–you’ll NEED IT!

Terror In The Aisles 4 Undead by Dawn

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The Horror Films Collection Volume Two CD: Now on Sale Here

the horror films collection volume two

Now for sale here at Turntabling: The Horror Films Collection Volume Two, a CD featuring tracks from Lady Frankenstein, Zombie, The New York Ripper, Conquest, and many others. It’s a Lucio Fulci-fest, including two tracks from his “compilation” movie Cat In The Brain at least one of which you may recognize from The Beyond.

This is a fun collection of tracksĀ  from Piero Piccioni, Claudio Simonetti, Manuel De Sica and many other well known Italian soundtrack names. The Horror Films Collection Volume Two is a good companion disc to the Goblin greatest hits collections also sold here–put the discs in your changer, hit “shuffle” and be immersed in the sounds of vintage 60s and 70s Italian horror.

Buy The Horror Films Collection Volume Two for $13 plus shipping. This is a brand new, shrink-wrapped CD shipped directly from Turntabling. At this time we can only ship to USA addresses.

Paisley Babylon Free MP3 Download: Retina from The Alpha Wave Variations

paisley babylon alpha wave variationsHere is a free MP3 from Paisley Babylon’s The Alpha Wave Variations. This almost impossible-to-find CD was long out of print until now (you can buy it from Turntabling here) partly due to being unavailable for digital download.

The free MP3 download of Eibon from The Alpha Wave Variations (copyright 1997 Uncle Buzz/Turntabling Records) is a limited-time download offer. This track also appears on the limited-edition 13 Unusual Tracks compilation given away at Flashback Weekend 2009, along with a few new tracks by Paisley Babylon, plus older songs from GOOP, Post-Mortem Telepathy and Opinion8.

For those familiar with Italian horror film soundtracks, Eibon will definitely ring a bell. The source inspiration for this piece was Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond, also known as The Seven Doors of Death. The beginning sequence of the movie is a blend of creepy Italian horror with a bit of Lovecraft thrown in for good measure. Eibon was inspired by the mood of the film, as well as the fantastic boo-hoo surrealist ending. Continue reading Paisley Babylon Free MP3 Download: Retina from The Alpha Wave Variations